Space Saver Home Gym


Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

Bring the Gym Home with the RPMPower Space Saver Home Gym

This Space Saver Home Gym offers limitless potential to build muscle across your entire body.

With all of the items combined within the Space Saver Home Gym, performing fundamental compound exercises from the comfort of your own home will be a breeze.


  • Squat Stand Adjustable
  • P1100 Adjustable Weight Bench
  • RPM Power Essential Lifting Bar – 1500mm | 9.4kg
  • RPM Power Bumper Plates - 2 x 5KG Plates, 2 x 10KG Plates
  • Barbell Squat Pad (Red)

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Total Body Training

With the wide variety of equipment included in the bundle, some of the exercises you can do include: Deadlifting, Overhead Press, Lunge, Bench Press, Back Squat, Front Facing Squat, Power Clean. With the spotter arms, you can lift with the security for those last few reps.

Bumper Plates

Bumper Plates

With 4 Bumper plates included, combine the weights together for combinations or use the bar on it's own. Variety of plates allows for a host of exercises and room for progression.

Why RPM Power?

Each RPM POWER® product has been built and manufactured from the highest quality standards. RPM POWER’s commitment to the very highest standards ensures a longer lasting product combined with superb value for money. With all our products comes our first in class after service and warranty. If you have any issues at any stage we will be their to help.

adjustable weight bench for home

Multi-Use Bench

Multi-Use Bench

adjustable weight bench for home

The P1100 Adjustable Weight Bench is a unique exerciser in itself. Fully adjustable means that you can incline to make lifts easier or decline to increase difficulty of the barbell lifts giving you additional modifications for exercises.


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