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Build cardio & endurance with our high-performance Rowing Machines


As you can see from our rowing machine range above, the prices and types of rower we have available differ significantly. The main differences between our Rowers are the type of material that they are constructed from and resistance type, which will vary the resistance output that can be generated by the rower.

Our wooden water rowing machines use water as the primary form of resistance, meaning they generate a soothing and realistic water sound as they operate and are more suited as a non-performance based rower that anyone in the family can use.

Our Air Rowing Machine is perfect for those who engage in HIIT or Crossfit types of workouts. This Rower is made for punishing hard sessions where you are looking to push your workouts to a max intensity, with the resistance being generated from a form of Air Resistance.

Finally, our magnetic rowing machines are quite rowers which are suited to those with limited space. They offer multiple levels of magnetic resistance, which is perfect for combining HIIT training with low-intensity rowing to get the most out of your training, perfect for those who are space conscious living in apartments or urban settings.

Taking performance metrics aside, a question we commonly get asked is what rower is suitable for certain living spaces. Everyone’s living space is different and, of course, every one of our Rowers can work in any home, but if you are someone who is noise or space conscious, we have some recommendations for you.

For those who are space conscious and want to make the most of your living space, we recommend compact and easily stored Magnetic Rower or Foldable Ashwood Water Rower. For those who are noise conscious, we recommend our super quiet QS1 Magnetic Rowing Machine.

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2. Connect your equipment

Connect your equipment to the application, you’ll find RPM Power and our range of devices. Check Compatibility If you are experiencing difficulty connecting via RPM Power, try an alternative brand FitShow. Always make sure bluetooth is enabled on your device.

3. Start training

Select a video and start training and exploring the world with thousands of videos to choose from.

Filtered or distilled water is recommended for Water Rowers as it will prevent any water chemicals from staining the inside of the water tank over time. It is important to regularly replace the water in the tank. Even if using filtered or distilled water, any water left in the tank for a prolonged period can cause bacterial buildup, which can stain or discolour the water tank .

It is recommended to use water purification tablets on the water inside the tank. This will allow for cleaner water and requires less frequent changing of the water. We currently do not stock purification tablets.

We’ve created an instructional video for many of our rowing machines to help you put your rower together. Please find these videos on our product information or YouTube channel along with the instruction manual. If you are experiencing any difficulties in assembly, please get in touch, email us

Press this button to turn on/turn off Bluetooth and connect the
Rower to the chosen App via Bluetooth. Once the rower is connected, the LCD.
monitor will show the Bluetooth icon.