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Booty Builder Bundle


Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

band rehabilitation

This bundle is for those serious about #bootygains!

Grow and shape your glutes with these best-selling products including all the essentials to build a perfect peach.

This bundle will provide you with the results you need. The combination of our P1100 Adjustable Weights Bench, 1200mm Barbell, Fabric Resistance Bands and 2 x 10kg Bumper Plates will take your booty goals to the next level. With focused glute and leg exercises, the Booty Bundle gives you all the fundamentals to boost your curves and improve your health.

Bundle Highlights

  • Adjustable Bench with 7 Incline Settings
  • Foldable Bench for Simple Storage
  • Anti-Pinch Resistance Bands
  • Dead Bounce Shock Absorb Bumper Plates
  • Thick Grips for Barbells & Bumper Plates
  • Olympic Barbell

Olympic barbell should I buy

Compound Exercise

These hard wearing plates are the ideal training plates for explosive barbell exercises such as squats, cleans, snatch, overhead press, and deadlifts, utilizing multiple muscle groups at once unlike machine weights.

bum exercises

All Levels of Fitness

All Levels of Fitness

bum exercises

3 bands included for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Variable tension means these mini bands will suit all abilities and will give you choice of resistance for different exercises. Shape & tone as these booty bands will sculpt your glutes, legs, thighs & abs.

best value weights bench

Sweatproof PU Leather

The seat of the P1100 Adjustable Weights Bench is coated with sweatproof PU leather to ensure your workout experience is comfortable.

Hip Thrusts

Hip Thrusts

These weights can be used with a barbell and can also be repurposed for a host of exercises without a bar. Such as stacked for plyometric jumps, planks, wall sits, Russian twists and overhead presses to name a few


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Booty Builder Bundle