Adjustable Dumbbells 32KG Set


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Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

Twist Handle Technology for Smooth Transitions

Avoid Clutter with 5 Weights in 1

A single adjustable dumbbell replaces 5 individual dumbbells in one compact, space efficient form. Using these weights couldn’t be simpler, twist the center handle to instantly increase or decrease the weight loading and start exercising. No more adding or removing plates and screwing on collars to break up your workouts. With 5 variations of weights available in this 32kg Adjustable Dumbbell, it is ideal for both intermediates & heavy lifters.

Product Highlights

  • 5 Different Weight Options
  • Time Saving - Less time unscrewing more time lifting
  • Space Saving - Tidy and safe in base when finished
  • Free Next Day Shipping and Warranty
  • Textured Grip Handle
  • Scratch Resistant Base
  • Exceptional Value for Money

Maximize your Space

The 20kg Adjustable dumbbells save an incredible amount of space in comparison to having 5 different dumbbells. Safer, cheaper and more convenient. Look forward to your workouts even more with this phenomenal piece of kit.

Convenient & Time Saving

Convenient & Time Saving

Once you feel the ease of use of the RPM Power 32kg Adjustable dumbbells you will never return to using traditional weights again. By simply twisting the handle, you can ease or increase the intensity of your workout in seconds, saving both time and space.

Total Body Workouts

When you use adjustable dumbbells, you have the option of 5 different weight increments to choose from. Whether you want to train the muscles in your legs, arms, torso, or back, the ability to easily switch weights means your workouts can be better than ever before.

Why RPM Power

Why RPM Power

Each RPM POWER® adjustable dumbbells has been hand built and manufactured from the highest quality plastics and metal materials. These are qualities which are are rarely found in cheaper, lower quality adjustable dumbbells. RPM POWER’s commitment to the very highest standards ensures a longer lasting product combined with superb value for money.


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Adjustable Dumbbells 32KG Set

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