Powerball Gyroscope E-Titan Pro Electric Start


Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!


NSD Powerball Gyroscope E-Titan Pro

A dynamic force for the hand, wrist & forearm

Powerball Gyroscope E-Titan Pro is one of the most powerful hand exercisers in the world. Weighing just 520g, Titan can generate an immense 27kg of resistance when used at maximum spin speeds. Smooth, powerful, easy to start, quiet and a joy to use - E-Titan Pro gyro ball successfully combines elegance with power for intense strengthening results. We recommend Powerball Titan Pro for anyone looking to build muscle in their arms, strengthen their wrist and elbow joints and of course, develop the ultimate grip.

Product Highlights

  • Polished chrome aluminium shell
  • Heavyweight zinc rotor
  • LCD Speed counter
  • Multi-function digital speedmeter
  • Generates up to 27kg in resistance
  • 30% larger than standard gyro balls
  • Self-charging electic start
  • For intense arm strengthening
  • Ultra quiet

powerball gyroscope

Polished Aluminium Shell

The polished chrome shell of Titan Pro Gyroball is made from solid aluminium metal and offers a pleasant weighted feel in the hand. The smooth round shell allows for better grip and is 30% larger then standard Powerball models, making it the ideal choice for larger hands.

Solid Zinc Rotor

Solid Zinc Rotor

Powerball Titan Pro's high-precision solid zinc, heavyweight rotor can spin at speeds of up to 20,000rpm (rotations per minute), completely vibration free. This zinc rotor is far heavier than those inside our standard Powerball models and it can output nearly twice the resistance/torque making Titan Pro gyroscope one of the most powerful gyroscopic exerciser ever made.

powerball gyroscope titan pro and case

Strength Training With No Risks

The resistance Powerball generates is called ‘isometric resistance’. Isometric resistance engages a much higher percentage of muscle fibres than standard isotonic training (e.g. free weights) does. It is also non-impact, making it a form of strengthening that places ZERO strain on your muscles as you exercise. In a nutshell - it’s weight training with none of the injury risk.

metal gyroscope for arm strengthening

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

metal gyroscope for arm strengthening

Titan is designed to strengthen and reinforce the joints and muscles in your arm and wrist. Give it a quick spin every day to benefit from stronger limbs that are better protected from injury. Powerball is fantastic for combating the effects of repetitive strain injury (RSI), such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis, as well as breaks and sprains.


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