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Powerball Gyroscope 280Hz Autostart Classic


Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

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280Hz Autostart Classic

The all-rounder for strength & recovery

At only the size of a tennis ball, Powerball 280Hz Autostart Classic is a small but mighty exercise device designed for strength & rehabilitation. Spin this powerful gyroscope at fast speeds and feel the muscles in your arm start to burn. Spin it at slow speeds however, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic tool for injury recovery and prevention. We recommend using Powerball for just 1-3 minutes everyday and you should soon start to feel the difference. Spin your way to stronger arms, greater grip power, more resistant muscle and of course, long-lasting recovery.

Product Highlights

  • Automatic starting
  • Generates up to 16kg in resistance
  • Spins at up to 18,000rpm
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • No batteries, no cords
  • For strengthening & rehabilitation

tennis elbow exerciser, gyroball

Build Grip & Arm Power

As you spin Powerball it generates resistance - the faster you spin, the stronger the resistance will be. Harness the immense power of 280Hz Classic at fast speeds (up to 18,00rpm!) to build solid upper arm muscles, a stronger wrist and the ultimate grip.

stress relief powerball, desk exerciser

Strength Training With No Risks

Strength Training With No Risks

stress relief powerball, desk exerciser

The resistance Powerball generates is called ‘isometric resistance’. Isometric resistance engages a much higher percentage of muscle fibres than standard isotonic training (e.g. free weights) does. It is also non-impact, making it a form of strengthening that places ZERO strain on your muscles as you exercise. It’s weight training with none of the injury risk.

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Injury Recovery & Prevention

At slow speeds Powerball can provide almost instant pain relief and fast, effective treatment for injuries such as RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, muscle tears, tennis/golfer’s elbow and broken bones or sprains. Its non-impact resistance also means it won’t cause further damage. Read more about how Powerball can rehabilitate a specific injury in the ‘instructions’ section of this website.

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Enhanced Sport & Music Ability

Enhanced Sport & Music Ability

wrist exerciser, wrist gyroscope

An effective exercise tool that will dramatically improve grip strength and finger dexterity, Powerball is a great product for all serious athletes (golf, tennis, climbing, boxing, etc.) and musicians (guitar, drums, piano). Grip harder, move faster, play longer with Powerball.


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