Door Pull Up Bar (FREE Dip Bar)


Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

RPM Power Door Pull Up Bar

Doorway Chin Up Bar is easy to set up allows to perform chin ups, pull ups on most doors at home

The RPM Power Door frame Pull Up Bar is a robust piece of home gym equipment for intense muscle building workouts. Convenient Training in any room! - simply attach this bar to a door frame or place it on the floor to practice multiple exercise possibilities in the comfort of your own home. Build muscle in your chest, arms, shoulders and back or simply hang from the Door Gym to experience a full-body stretch.

Product Highlights

  • No screwing/drilling
  • Easy Set Up
  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Foam handles for extra comfort & grip
  • Two bars: extra raised bar for taller people
  • Fits most standard home door frames
  • Foldable for Easy storage
  • Dip Bar

portable chin up bar used by man on floor

No Marks - Easy Assembly

Extend the bar hooks and attach this Pull Up Bar to your door frame for immediate use. Ideal for rental apartments as no screws or drilling is required. Includes thick removable pads to easily attach on to door frames and floors.

over the door pull up bar being used for chin ups

Foam Comfort Handles

Foam Comfort Handles

over the door pull up bar being used for chin ups

There is no fear of contracting any blisters when using this Door Gym Bar. The soft foam handles will ensure you always have optimal grip when using, even when sweating heavily. With durable & slip resistant foam handles, the diameter of the bar is 3.5cm which will ensure perfect grip.

chin up bar for home used by man

Multiple Uses

As well as pull ups this versatile door frame pull up bar can connected to the bottom of your doorway as a support to hold down your legs for sit ups and crunches. Put the bar on the ground to perform exercises likes planks push ups, tricep dips and many more.

Door Pull Up Bar in Use by Male

Maximum Stability

Maximum Stability

Door Pull Up Bar in Use by Male

The innovative design of the bar will prevent any swinging or wobbling. Once secured in a door frame with a guaranteed weight capacity of 120kg, you can train your entire upper body to have a hassle free workout.


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