Power Rack Home Gym (Red on Black -Excluding Bench)


Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

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Power Rack Home Gym Squat Training

Ultimate Home Gym Bundle

Performs Even Better than it looks

This Power Rack Bundle would be the foundation of any home gym. Featuring a pull-up bar, squat rack, weight-pulley system, and dip-bars, this all-in-one Power Rack gives the user the opportunity to build serious muscle and strength. Combined with the fundamentals of any other home gym, strength training has never been easier.

Product Highlights

  • Red on Black Colour Scheme - Your home gym will look as good as it will perform
  • R2500 Power Rack - High lat Pull-down and Low Row with cross knee support bar
  • J Hooks & Spotter Rails, Dip Bars, Landmine Attachment & T-Row Bar
  • Resistance Training Pegs, Plate Storage, Tri-Grip Pull Up Bar
  • 20kg 7ft RPM Power Elite Olympic Barbell
  • 67.5kg RPM Power Weights - 2 x 1.25kg, 2 x 2.5kg trip-grips & 2 x 5, 2 x 10 & 2 x 15kg Essential Plates
  • 2 Red Collar Clamps
  • Red Barbell Pad

Power rack weight lifting rack

Lat Pull Down

The R2500 Power Rack has an advanced Lat Pull Down System with cross bar & pads to give you a solid base and stop your legs lifting while performing the exercise.

Low Row

Low Row

Another great exercise for training the upper body, the R2500 Power Rack Home Gym has a low row feature with foot supports.

weight lifting squat rack, weight plates and barbell.

67.5kg Lifting Options

This bundle offers great progression with a hefty 67.5kg in weight lifting between the weight plates and the 7ft Olympic barbell.

Extra Features

Extra Features

The RPM Power R2500 Power Rack gives unrivaled features and exercise options. The Resistance band pegs allow you to warm up or use resistance training with the barbell.

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woman exercising in home gym with text

Man exercising in home gym


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